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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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white house. don champion joins us at washington to tell us all bit, hi, don. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. pope is waking up after a quiet night in the vatican embassy where he is staying during his time here in d.c. he will head over to the white house around 9:00 o'clock and after his memorable land to go day we will start to get our first listen at the pope's big message to america. the crowds that greeted pope francis at joint base andrews on tuesday are expected to pale in comparison to those officially welcoming francis to our nation's capitol today. francis will begin his first full day on u.s. soil with a grand arrival ceremony on the white house lawn, followed by a private meeting with president obama. >> this is not a meeting between politicians but rather an opportunity for two respected world leaders with influence around the globe to
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spend time talking about values they hold in common. >> reporter: thousands will line the streets to the national mall just to catch a glimpse of the pope. emily will get to see him up close. the 23 year-old soprano is one of the 90 choir members tapped to sing for pope francis when he celebrates mass at basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception this afternoon. >> we have to be in control and remember everything that i have learned in all of high school to try to do my absolute best. >> reporter: conductors, chose singers to show the diversity of the catholic church in the u.s., mass will be held outside for a crowd of 25,000 people, who scored a ticket. and after a packed day to day, the pope will head over to capitol hill tomorrow morning, to address the joint meeting of congress. issues leash immigration and religious freedom are expect 20 come up, after that he will
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head over to new york to do among other things address the the meeting of the the u.n. general assembly. erika and nicole, back to you. >> we know today will not be the first time president and pope will sit down for the the meeting. what do we know about their relationship, though. >> reporter: that is right, the the white house says they have a great relation ship with each other. you may remember that the president was actually in vatican city in march of last year and the men met for about a good hour or so, issues like immigration, did come up during that private meeting, that certainly happened again today, and aid also say that the president and the pope actually share similar views on several social justice issues, so, some of those issues could come up as well. maybe they will talk about that cool fiat as well. >> to be a fly on that wall. >> yes, talking about the car for sure. >> thanks very much. well, inspired for a catholic school for her sexual orientation. >> today she will be one of those personally greeting pope
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francis today in the white house. >> it is, just, you know, we will have our one sentence if we get a chance to say something to him for 30 seconds. i will try to say it in spanish, if i get that opportunity. >> reporter: marge i winter was let go from waldron mercy academy in merion station after it came to light that she was in the same sex marriage. sheila monk those at the white house for a ceremony welcoming the pope to the u.s. winters says she wants the pope to listen to her story of faith and convince him to continue helping others to be more inclusive of lgbt members in the church. with the pope in philadelphia, this weekend, businesses in center city are getting ready to serve the thousands coming to town to see the holy father. isaiah rivers started working at corn are deli at spring garden and 22nd street just two weeks ago. all he has been doggies stocking and storing the food and the drink supply. normally about five people work at the deli on weekend, but typically pope francis isn't around the corner.
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>> i'm going to try to do my best to try to serve all of the people out of town. >> atmosphere people will need coffee regardless, maybe even more so, a little bit on a crazy weekend. >> rival brother coffee shop at 24th and lombard will be opened this weekend. since the coffee is roasted in house they are not worried about deliveries. one of the thousands in town to see pope francis is a family from the pope's native country of argentina as noel and her husband and four children, six months to get to philadelphia a. the the couple, quit their jobs, drained their savings, and traveled will to south america, into mexico, before reaching the u.s. "eyewitness news" caught up with the family just a few weeks after their journey started in a 1980 volkswagen van. finally it is here, spanish version of the famous love sculptor, it was unveiled yesterday at the art museum, a am theor is spanish for love, they are redoing it for love this. it is near where pope's alter
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is build. amor and love sculptor are made by robert indian, which is great. 5:35. university of delaware police are investigating a a hate crime, nooses found hanging from a tree on campus there. "eyewitness news" received this picture from a student showing three nooses hanging from a tree in front of the mitchell hall on the greens. university police responded to that scene and removed the nooses. interim university president nancy target released a target on line this morning which reads in part such cowardly reprehensible act are clearly designed to intimidate and frighten and unacceptable on our campus. i assure you we will work diligently to get to the bottom of the situation, identify person or persons responsible, and hold them accountable for their actions. 5:35 right now n business news this morning a new addition to the taco bell menu. >> the latest in the scandal over volkswagen emissions software. hen a daniels joins us from the insuring stock exchange and she has those stories and
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more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and erika. justice department is launching a criminal investigation in the volkswagen cheating on u.s. emissions test. volkswagen board of director will meet to discuss the scandal. they a say about 11 million diesel cars worldwide were outfitted with software at the center of the scandal. vw's new u.s., ceo, has apologized. they have set aside american $7 billion to deal with fixing the problem. and, amazon is offering a one day, deal on a prime membership, on friday, amazon is cutting price of the $99 annual prime membership program to $67. the price cuties for new members, and amazon says it is making offer to celebrate its original series transparent, winning five emmys on sunday. taco bell customers can have beer with their burritos and, soft tacos, the the chain opened up at serving wine, beer, and frozen mixed drinks
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in chicago. it is first in the u.s. for taco bell. similar location will open up in san francisco, later this month. nicole and erika. >> well, you know, hope it catches on. >> thanks. >> thanks, hena. anger, and outrage, over a pharmaceutical company, after they jack up the the price of a drug used to fight cancer and aid by 5,000 percent. but now an about face. >> a lot of outcry. >> andrew spencer reports that the mood comes after ceo intentionally defended the price increase. >> reporter: when asked if he would reconsider ceo of the pharmaceutical company told cnbc, no. >> it is a small company, new company and we are not a profitable company. so for us to try to exist and maintain profit it is pretty reasonable report the drug para prim, treats a deadly disease, and he turned and raised the price to over $13
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to $750 per pill. the hiv medicine association and infectious disease society of america, called that increase, unjust final. >> what has happened here actually has happened before. this is not that uncommon. you have a situation where this person basically has a drug that is widely needed, and he can charge whatever he really wants to charge. >> you can see how it looks greedy but there is a lot of properties too it. >> reporter: the ceo told cbs that much of the drug will be given away to people who cannot after the hefty price and profit would be invested into improving the 70 year-old drug. >> one of the things that happens in these situations is the manufacturer say we are taking this money and we are putting it directly into research and development, these extra dollars. whether or not that is happening, it is a very hard thing to look at. very hard thing to oversee. >> reporter: by tuesday evening, he had change his tune, telling abc. >> we have agreed to lower the price of daraprim, to a point that is more affordable and is able to allow the company to
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make a profit, but a very small profit and we think these changes will be welcome. >> reporter: clearly daraprim, won't be going back to 13.50 per pill so question is just how affordable will the drug be. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. a california grandfather sent an necessary event request left him bloody and bruised. >> it all started over nutela samples. seventy-eight year-old man, says he was punched in the face after he told a 24 year-old man he took too many nutela from a cost co sample cart. he was reaching for the the last one when a fight started. >> unaudible. >> witnesses tried to help the 78 year-old, a security guard caught the suspect tried to
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want to runaway. police a arrested 24 year-old derrick, who was seen in thins gram photo. police charged him with felony boost for personally inflicting great bodily harm on someone who is more than 07 years old. if convicted, he could face 11 years in prison. >> that is just so disgusting. >> no excuse for that. >> goodness, gracious. 5:40. donald trump seems to be making headlines where ever he goes and that includes the late show with stephen colbert. >> we will look at his appearance last night. then neighbors on the west coast come together to sue a local family. why the judge is now calling for a cooling off period. and popular attraction that houdini museum does a disappearing act of its
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headlines on cbs-3, pope francis is waking up for first full day in the u.s. today he'll meet privately with president obama in the washington d.c. and then take part in the papal parade. after that he will celebrate a canonization mass at basilica of national shrine of the immaculate conception. new this morning university of delaware is investigating a hate crime on its campus. "eyewitness news" received a picture from the student, showing three nooses hanging from a tree in front of the mitchell hall on the the university. the the university is calling it cowardly and reprehensible. it is 5:43 on the first
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full day of fall, we want to talk about the forecast and also, want to tell but this, trump on the colbert she last night, the late show. >> looking forward to this clip. >> just waiting to happen. we were counting down for this day. republican presidential candidate, of course, donald trump sitting down with steve than colbert. >> i want to thank you not only for being here but i want to thank you for also running for president. >> i'm not going to say this stuff writes itself but you certainly do deliver it on time, every day. >> trump and colbert covered a range of topics including trump's stan on immigration and recent iran deal. trump refused to talk about president obama's citizenship but admits trump has questioned in the past. >> he are don't forget you can see the late show with stephen colbert every weekday at 11:35
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after cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. a third grader is being called a hero after he came to the rescue of an elderly woman in vineland, cumberland county. >> a few days ago retired nurse marilyn incarnation slipped on the wet sidewalk retrieving her trash cans. she was in pain, unable to move, so the 77 year-old called out for help. group of high school student passed without noticing her but a half an hour later eight year-old robert elliott came to her aid. >> she said, what is wrong. i said i fell and i cannot get up. can you get somebody to help me. >> should i just, leave her and not, and any heart heart says to not leave her. >> my goodness. >> robert ran to get help and marilyn was okay. next day she went to durand elementary school to let classmates necessity about this young good samaritan, good deed. what a sweet boy. his heart told him to help, and so he help.
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>> another reason to take those ear buds walking around because i'm sure people just walk right by her. >> yes, this young man. >> well done he was there for the job. >> yes. >> justin, we're talking about the first day of fall can you believe it. >> cool season is coming up. feels like fall and maybe locations north of the city we are talking about 40's and 50's this morning but still like that summer feel, way in to the a afternoon. we will start to warm it up. gilbertsville, eileen checks in at 44 degrees. jon minutes perkasie 53. up in northampton county bath, charles mid 50's, mild inner new jersey, david dutch in clementon has 61 degrees. the reason for cooler temperatures this morning is cloud cover, it is gone. yesterday we had it. it was a blanket holding in a warm temperatures. the lots of cloud off shore. we are clearing out the nicely. a lot of sunshine today. compliments of the high pressure over us, large, and in charge. blocking any major storm
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systems from moving in anytime soon. same deal tomorrow a lot of sunshine, temperatures back in the lower 80's. and then into friday we will see a few more cloud start to roll role n we will watch a storm system to our south, and depend ing on its location, and, it will bring more clouds here for sure. but potential for rain in here on sunday as well. that is not good for the the papal visit. wind direction, continuing out of the north east. the it will be like this for several days. it is kicking up the ocean. look at these buoy heights. five, seven, 10 feet. if you have beach plans that ocean water is still warm but it will be high risk for strong rip currents, really threw up coming weekend in to early next week. a lot of beach erosion will happen with that strong northeast wind along the coast. we have temperatures close to 80 degrees this afternoon. another cool night tonight, 40's in the suburbs, to upper 50's for center city. pretty much a repeat for your thursday back in the lower 80's. forecast high for today and first day of fall up to 80. northeast wind light at 10 miles an hour. tonight, clear, comfortable, 57 for center city.
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looking at that papal visit forecast, friday, sunshine, cloud, cool breezy day saturday. temperatures in the mid 70's. sunday we have a rain chance. we have the extended forecast, still a summer-like feel the next couple of days and feeling like fall with the clouds and breezy conditions. all right, meisha, how is it looking. >> it is looking good. you know, still early but we are starting to see volume almost build. we have a couple of things outside on the road that we want to talk b lets look at 422 eastbound at trooper road approaching king of prussia, looking good here, just glare of the taillights and headlights, kind of typical for this time of the morning. schuylkill eastbound past 202 also, some headlights, taillights, more and more hit the roadways, trying to get an early jump to work. not a bad idea. pope is in town. we will back out of the way and go through with these notes. septa wusses detoured. check your schedules on that for specific details. pen franklin parkway between logan square and art museum is now closed. same with sell i drive, between ben franklin parkway
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and fairmount avenue. spring garden street is closed between pennsylvania avenue and kelly drive, throughout the weekend and then we have some construction in camden, 676, north bound, before federal street, exit number five, approaching ben franklin parkway and the left rapist block, until 6:30 a a.m. for those in and around this area, just make note of this, as well and i will let you know when this clears but not until 6:30 a.m., hopefully that is the case, erika and nicole, back over to you. right now it is a case of neighbor verse neighbor with a child with autism caught in the middle. >> two california couples are suing parents of the young boy with autism claiming that child attacked their kids and is a public nuisance. child's father, dashed out of court yesterday after the judge scolded everyone saying she was dismade at the way the the case was going. she said neighbors should work out like adults. >> i think that this case should have been handled in a different way, a long time ago.
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i regret that it has gotten to this point. >> i feel like we have been trying to communicate and coming up with a permanent safety solution for a long time and this just might be what we needed. >> plaintiffs were trying to fight for release of medical and school record, autism advocates think this case could set a very dangerous precedent. all right. 5:50. coming up this morning on the doctors, the the doctors are weighing in on a hotly contested debate. >> oh, yeah. >> the term gluten free is very common. it is something we didn't know as much about, ten or 15 or 20 years ago. >> very fashionable. >> but it is very trend, a fad or not. >> pretty recent. >> yes. >> they are tackling facts and fiction about gluten in our health. i spoke with doctor travis stork and andrew orton about this topic. >> anyone who has a interest in the gluten debate should watch this show. we delve into who needs to avoid it, who could probably be eating it and why you don't
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want to waste your money if you don't need to. >> and we answer those questions, is it a in fact a fad or is it in fact a health scare of sorts. you'll to have tune into find those answers. >> all right. you can tune into the doctors right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. we will be right back.
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wait until we tell but one bird that was enjoying a taste of freedom here. >> oh, yeah. >> good morning, on this wednesday morning, they are celebrating at the houdini museum in scranton, pennsylvania. >> their mascot, hokus-pokus, is back, safe and sound. >> wow. >> i know. it turns out hokus-pokus is quite a houdini herself, she slipped out of her cage and got away over the weekend. museum using it to encourage neighbors to look around for her and she was return, yesterday. now her owners aren't surprised that she made a getaway. >> she is a houdini for sure. >> every day when she is here
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she hears stories and how houdini escaped out of stuff. so, who knows. >> now you see me, now you don't. neighbors spotted hokus-pokus and she was brought back to the museum. that neighbor's son has a birthday part think weekend and it is on the house at the houdini museum. >> yes, bright colors there, easy to spot. >> not blending any, that is for sure. >> how about that, hokus-pokus and she disappeared. >> glad that she is back. >> yes. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are counting down to the pope's arrival and we are live in washington d.c. where pontiff is spending his first day in america. >> very exciting. apple picking season, linvilla orchard for the fall favorite, coming up next.
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it's where your journey begins with inspiration, planning, booking, and hot travel tips from real pros. if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at she was a baseball legend with a huge smile and a personality to match. this morning we're remembering new york yankees hall of famer, yogi ber a he passed away overnight at the age of 90. new this morning a reported hate crime investigation is underway at the the university of delaware after three nooses are found hanging from trees. pope francis is in america. we are live in washington d.c. where people are already lining up along the parade
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route for a chance to see the holy father. got to get good seats. >> exciting week for us. it is wednesday, september 23rd good morning to you i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. the first day of fall. >> we want to get a check of weather and traffic with justin and meisha. naturally, it is first day of fall and we are hitting 80 degrees. >> so we are looking good, you guys. at 6:00 we are heating up. we have some road closures because pope is on his way to philadelphia, how is it feeling, a little cool, still feeling cool. it the is great for that morning walk or jog if you have that going on in the next hour or so. temperatures comfortable in the 50's, even 40's in the cool spots. i like it warm. the as long as i'm working i will warm it up. we are talking about 80 degrees. until then we will talk about these temperatures. forty's in the mountains. the 49 in am even town. and 60 at the airport in philadelphia, south jersey, milder in the lower 60's but those suburbs, starting to drop a little bit. forty-nine in pottstown. forty-six in quakertown.
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we may drop another degree or two before the sunnies up in 50 minutes. so storm scan three, nice and quiet. we have cooler temperatures this morning because of the clouds that are gone, maybe a couple of cloud still left in extreme southern new jersey and they will push off shore. fog will begin at 4:21. warm first day this afternoon. we will get up to 80 degrees for the warm spot. we will break down your temperatures. by 10:00 o'clock we are talking about upper 60's, warm lunch hour, low to mid 70's in the the sunshine and mid afternoon temperatures reaching a high of 80 for philadelphia at the shore, a few shore clouds, breezy a at 75 and looking and feeling nice in the poconos in the sunshine, highs in the lower 70's. the it looks like, meisha, we will be bat soling sun glare later this morning. how is traffic looking. >> good to know. right now things are looking g we are heating up. the especially on i-95 southbound at cottman. this is where we have seen an earlier rush. we are seeing that now, evidence by this around the s curve. you can see tai


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